Day 22 – What happens when the Lockdown period is over?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

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For the ones away from home and family, it’s been 10 days since we have seen our loved ones. For the fortunate ones living with family – it’s been 10 days since we hung out with our friends, 10 days since we have almost only been on our phones sharing information, sharing memes, playing Ludo or actively being online on Instagram or socializing via House party. It’s also been 10 days since we have been keeping a track of the world outside – from the inside.

We’re all desperately waiting to step out, waiting to go and meet our groups at the favourite joints, waiting to go to the mall, waiting to go and party at the clubs, waiting to go and travel to the places we had planned for but couldn’t. We’re all waiting to get back to our LIFE.

In my previous post, I had mentioned some ways which help me stay calm and positive in a situation like this.

But what happens after this is over? What happens when our country is out of the Lockdown and the virus finally starts getting under control? What happens when the world is ready to get back to normal.

If we look at the positive side of this negative situation – the world is restoring.

It is all over the internet, news and our thoughts, that this may be the only way our Earth is healing. The only way this world and its human race could have been paused, so Earth could breathe and take time to get healthy.

But what happens when it resumes? Do we go back to what was happening before this period? I’m hoping not. Not just in terms of nature, let us think about what will we do of ourselves on Day 22.

Let’s accept, we’ll be like a bunch of kids who wait for the school day to end and when it does, they run out for freedom. But even the school gives us homework or lessons to learn for the next day. So let’s talk about the lessons we’ve learnt from this period – for LIFE.

The three things that I’ve learnt from these past few days that I’m home are here below, things that I will never forget.

  1. Let’s not take anyone around for granted. Our family, our friends, or even our work/jobs. We’ve been home long enough to realise the importance, haven’t we? Even the importance of our maids, cooks, helpers.

  2. It’s been a tough time on us, so learn to appreciate the little things and what people do for us. The doctors, our cops, the delivery guys, our society guards, whoever has helped you in the time of need.

  3. Take time out for yourself. In these few days, I have spent time on building myself up, learning things I always wanted to but never got the time, realizing my goals and where I want to be in life. And I realized that if I don’t focus on myself, I’ll just be running around and not getting where I want to.

But here are a couple of tips I would love to share with you guys, about what we can and should do after the lockdown ends, for the betterment of others!

  1. Try to avoid getting out of the house immediately after the lockdown period ends. Get out only to visit family, workplace, hospitals for any pending health concerns, essentials or a place like spa/salon if needed. Remember, it would be chaotic at public places in the initial days

  2. Visit your favorite joints, but avoid on weekends. They’re much more crowded on those days

  3. Meet your friend circle, but try meeting at a friends place and catch up. This way you get to spend quality time – without the loud music and people chattering around. But hey, if you’re looking for loud music/chattering around – just stay safe. Remember, the virus will not suddenly disappear on Day 22

  4. If you’re planning to go for the vacation/trip you missed out on, please be sure to check the situation of the place beforehand. Also keep mind that the mode of transport is most important here. Airports/railway stations will be overcrowded.

  5. Don’t go crazy behind going for drives late night with your friends. For many people it’s a soothing activity, but if most of them think alike – you’ll end up creating a traffic jam at 2 am in your city!

  6. Lastly, the city and surroundings are cleaner than ever. If you can’t help in cleaning it more, please don’t mess it up.

Lastly, help everyone around. We’ve all been through a tough time, make it easy for others if you can.

If you think there are any points that I’ve missed out on, feel free comment.



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